How do we pay?

Payment is easy, you purchase credits, either in bulk or pay as you go. Each credit is worth one pound. 1 Credit = £1.

One ‘basic photo’ edit is £0.95, this is 0.95 of a credit
One ‘day to night photo’ is £5.95 or 5.95 credits

How do I know when my images are ready?

When your images are ready you will receive email notification confirming that your images are ready. Simply login in and download

How do I claim my £10 of free credits?

Simply send us your details,  we will step up an account for you and give you £10 of FREE credit.

We will then email all the necessary login information and passwords for you to use My Photo Genie.

How do I set up the FREE artwork for my virtual boards?

The first time you use this service you’ll need to upload the artwork of your for ‘sale board’. Then just leave the rest to the Genie!

How do I make amendments to the floor plans?

Print the floor plans, sketch on clearly any changes and Order Number, take a photo of floor plans and reload on the website. You will be charged, but the re-credited.

We are unhappy with the images?

Customer satisfaction is the Genie’s number one priority! If you are unhappy in any way shape or form, just let us know…. we will either remedy any problems or issue you a 100% refund…NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

How do I change or amend floor plans?

Simply Print your floor plans, sketch on clearly any changes and Order Number, take a photo and reload on the website.  (You may be charged, but then re-credited.)

Have something to ask that we haven’t covered?  Please feel free to contact us with your question.